• Calendar
    Calendar communicates a theme that is relevant to the organization it represents. It is an excellent vehicle for reminding yourself to your key audiences almost every day of the year.A CALENDAR IS SUCCESSFUL WHEN A CLIENT FALLS SHORT OF COPIES.
  • Bonsaii
    A small table calendar can also be creative. This one is for bonsai – a lifestyle store for kids. Paper collages of toys and games, along with creative writing, helps communicate the excitement of childhood.
  • Kasturi
    Kalidasa, a legendary Sanskrit poet, probably lived in the 2nd BC. ‘Rutusimharam’ (A gathering of the Seasons) is a long poem that celebrates the beauty of nature and women. Though ancient, the poetry is contemporary even today. A reason why we selected international models and integrated the verses with their visuals. ‘Kasturi’ celebrates excellence by presenting this calendar.
  • Nichrome
    Nichrome, a Pune based company, specializes in building packaging machinery for the food industry. Their calendar showcases Pune’s traditional markets. We commissioned a team of water color artists to paint these charming places.