• Films
    Visuals and sound make film an exciting media. It needs attention to details right from planning and conceptualizing to storyboarding, direction and post-production.
  • A thousand words
    A picture expresses more than a thousand words. We created a print-portfolio and a film on glamour photography for ‘studio illuminations.’ The film takes you through the process of glamour photography.
  • Shopping mall
    A Shopping Mall wanted to participate in an international competition for mall design and development. The competition rules demanded the submission of a 5 minute film on the mall. Our film was a major factor in securing a prize for the client.
  • A musicians’ life
    A group of classical music aficionados and the Rotary Club wanted a presentation on the life and work of the late Master Krishnarao – a leading classical vocalist, stage and film actor, musician and music director. This 40 mins film has archival recording and photographs from the early 30’s onwards.